Adipurush Reviews: A Box Office Success but an Emotional Disconnect 2023

Adipurush Reviews

“Adipurush,” a highly anticipated film, has made a significant impact at the box office in terms of its financial success. However, despite its impressive collection figures surpassing those of the critically acclaimed “Dangal,” the movie has failed to resonate with viewers on an emotional level. This article delves into the reasons behind the film’s mixed reception, exploring its lack of substance beyond songs and its reliance on the revered name of Lord Ram. While “Adipurush” may have triumphed commercially, it has left audiences feeling unsatisfied, disappointed, and disconnected.

Box Office Triumph:

There is no denying that “Adipurush” has achieved commendable success at the box office. Its financial performance has been impressive, outperforming the earnings of “Dangal” and cementing its status as a commercial hit. The film has garnered attention, attracting audiences to theaters and generating significant revenue. However, it is essential to note that box office success does not always correlate with audience satisfaction or critical acclaim.

Lack of Substance:

One of the prominent criticisms leveled against “Adipurush” is its lack of substance beyond its songs and the veneration of Lord Ram. Viewers have expressed disappointment with the film’s narrative, citing a dearth of compelling storytelling and meaningful character development. While the movie may have relied on the popularity of Lord Ram’s name, it fails to provide a substantial reason for viewers to engage with its content. The reliance on superficial elements without a strong underlying narrative has left many feeling unfulfilled.

Emotional Disconnect:

Movies have the power to evoke emotions, create connections, and resonate with audiences on a profound level. However, “Adipurush” seems to have missed the mark in this regard. Viewers have reported a sense of emotional disconnect after watching the film, leaving them perplexed and unsatisfied. Instead of eliciting strong emotions or provoking thought-provoking discussions, the movie seems to have left audiences feeling indifferent and detached. This emotional disconnect can be attributed to various factors, including weak character development, lack of depth in storytelling, and the film’s failure to establish a genuine emotional connection with viewers.

Disappointment and Agitation:

The general sentiment among those who have watched “Adipurush” is one of disappointment and agitation. Viewers expected more from a film that garnered significant pre-release buzz and boasted a star-studded cast. However, the film’s execution failed to meet these expectations, leaving audiences with a sense of frustration and disillusionment. It is disheartening for moviegoers to invest their time and money in a film that falls short in delivering a meaningful and satisfying experience.

Questioning the Purpose:

After watching “Adipurush,” many viewers have been left questioning the purpose and significance of what they witnessed. The film’s narrative fails to provide a clear message or offer thought-provoking themes that resonate beyond the screen. As a result, viewers have been left pondering the purpose of the film and the impact it was meant to have. Such ambiguity and lack of direction contribute to the overall disappointment and dissatisfaction expressed by the audience.


While “Adipurush” may have triumphed at the box office, its success does not necessarily reflect the sentiments of the audience. The film’s lack of substance, emotional disconnect, and overall disappointment have overshadowed its commercial achievements. Viewers have expressed their dissatisfaction, highlighting the need for a compelling narrative, meaningful character development, and a genuine emotional connection in films. As audiences seek more than just financial success, it is imperative for filmmakers to strive for a balance between commercial viability and providing a captivating and gratifying cinematic experience.

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